Thursday, July 12, 2007

Some Fresh Doors

Finally! The new doors and the refinished stained glass window are back in church! (better looking than that piece of plywood eh? Photos courtesy of Linda Salmons.

Monday, July 9, 2007

A little history

So some History, eh? Why don't we just start close to the beginning? (or as close as i can get right now.

This is how the church looked back when it was built, which was around 1866. If you looked at the church now, you may not recognize it. In 1935, an extensive remodeling took place. The bell tower was removed, and a smaller, chimney-looking one was build on the back of their church. The balcony was removed, side and main alters replaced and/or disposed of, and the outside was covered with sandstone. Anyone can tell that there is absolutely no reason for any of that. Just compare the pictures above, and wait till you see the ones below. Many parishioners hate what they did to their church long ago. Some rumors also circulate that Father Speier would like to do something about the ceiling.

This is how it originally looked. (and how if looks now) Now, there is a drop ceiling...bad move? Maybe. This is what most would call, "wreckovations ". However, as stated above, their might be some movement to get this place looking more original, than modern.

Mass in the park!

The Mass in the Park was a great turnout today! Parishioners from St. Anthony and St. Mary joined together and participated in mass at Edison Park in Milan Ohio. The turnout was great! (around 100) After the mass, many stayed for food, and games for both kids and adults. This Mass marks the weekend St. Anthony's and St. Mary's switch mass times. St. Anthony now has the 4:30 Saturday, and 8:30 Sunday Mass, while St. Mary gets the 10:30 Sunday Mass. This is in effect until January.

Some sort of Water balloon game...Father Speier was knocked out early in the game, however.

What's this for??

Well, basically, to get the word out, and to help get more exposure on the Web. Also, since i am doing this for my home parish, sister and former sister parish, which are small churches, i feel i need to attract people to the parish. This is my way of giving my stewardship dues to the parish, and to God. If you ever have any questions about anything ever on this blog, the main websites, Wikipedia articles or whatever else you find on the web, let me know!

There will be all sorts of stuff over time on this blog. Pictures of current events, news, stories, histories especially. This is just a contemporary version of the main website, and on a whole different level(the blogosphere, rather than the small, church websiteosphere)